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Experience the challenge of railway operation in the comfort of your own home.
If you have a PC, you can enjoy these absorbing games.

Temporary Closure

Thank you for your patience. We will reopen on Monday 11th December. We expect to be able to provide a reduced service until the end of the year; fortunately the recovery process was shorter and less exacting than we were warned to expect, though we won't know for a while yet whether the treatment was effective. It will help you and us if you can place Christmas orders as early as possible.

Stafford 1958

Available from Monday 11th December - a steam age version of this busy junction on the West Coast Main Line - five track screens, a very busy main line and quite a lot of local passenger and goods traffic. Please see our Windows Products pages.  £40


Postal delays

Though the UK postal service seems to be normal at present, no doubt the usual delays can be expected as Christmas approaches, and we still recommend all customers to order for download, and then immediately make a backup copy on CD or memory stick. If you want something physical to give as a present, such a CD would meet the need.


We regret that due to the paperwork involved, and uncertainty about exactly what is required by each of the countries concerned, we are unable to ship games on CD to any country in the European Union. Orders for delivery by download are still welcome.

DOS ---> Windows

We're pleased to announce that all of our Shedmaster and RailFreight simulations are now available for Windows, and accordingly the DOS versions are withdrawn. These are simpler games but can still be quite a challenge; the biggest difference from our other Windows games is that they take a lot less time to run. For more information see our News and Windows Products pages.

Windows XP

If you are still running Windows XP, please see our News item about support for it.


We've added a page about Backup to our Support section. If you don't have a Backup policy and follow it, please read this!

Windows 11

Our experience is that our Windows simulations work as expected on all currently supported (from Vista onwards) versions of Windows, including Windows 11.
If you have a problem related to Windows, particularly Windows 11, please first check our Windows Problems page.

Windows XP is partly supported: the programs run, but the usual installation procedure does not work. If you are ordering for Windows XP, please say so very clearly.

If you need help, please contact Support.

Read our latest news.

Read Me First page

We have brought together on a single new page all the information about running our older non-Windows simulations with any version of Windows from Vista onwards. Unless you are running a very old PC, please check there first before ordering any non-Windows simulation. This page now has a link to instructions for setting up DFend-Reloaded.

Visit our discussion group

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Place an Order using our online order form

We strongly recommend use of our online order form, and downloading your order will also eliminate postal delays, particularly for overseas customers. You can now specify delivery on CD or by download, or (for non-Windows programs only) on floppy disk if you can’t accept a CD; we can’t guarantee that floppy disks will continue to be available. The default is now that we send you an email containing a link from which a zip file can be downloaded. To order click here.