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Windows 10

We have had reports of problems with Windows 10. These are probably due to Windows "protecting" you from programs it doesn't know are safe; that includes anything downloaded from the internet or on a removable disk (floppy or CD).The prime suspect is a Windows feature called SmartScreen.

Having said that, we now have access to Windows 10, and our experience is that our Windows simulations work as expected, whether installed afresh or just copied from an existing installation, and whether Windows 10 is a clean installation or an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1.

If a problem occurs during installation, you should receive a message telling you the program has been prevented from running, but it may not be obvious that you have to click on "More info" at the foot of the window to be given the option of continuing.

If the problem arises with an already-installed program, or one copied from another PC, you may need to "unblock" the program, or the helpfile. You can do this in Windows Explorer by finding the program file, e.g. LE57.exe, right-clicking on it, selecting Properties, and choosing Unblock.

Order delays

No order delays are expected until Spring 2016.

Read our latest news, including details of possible delays.

Read Me First page

We have brought together on a single new page all the information about running our older non-Windows simulations with any version of Windows from XP onwards. Unless you are running a very old PC, please check there first before ordering any non-Windows simulation. This page now has a link to instructions for setting up DFend-Reloaded.

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Place an Order using our online order form

We strongly recommend use of our online order form, and downloading your order will also eliminate postal delays, particularly for overseas customers. You can now specify delivery on CD or by download, or on floppy disk if you can’t accept a CD; we can’t guarantee that floppy disks will continue to be available. The default is now that we send you an email containing a link from which a zip file can be downloaded. To order click here.