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Next project

We are working on another large Windows project, but it is turning out bigger than expected, and therefore taking longer than we'd hoped. We're now planning to have it complete by the middle of 2015, or possibly sooner if things go well.

Liverpool Lime Street 1972 (for Windows) is now available!

Details are on our Windows page. Check on our Support page for amendments.
This one makes an interesting contrast with the 1958 version. Much of the track layout is unchanged, but two platforms and all the engine facilities have gone, and the use of the main lines has been changed so that both slow lines are on the north side and convenient for the lower-numbered platforms. Response to this will help us to decide whether to do any more covering the post-steam period.

Read our latest news, including details of possible delays.

Read Me First page

We have brought together on a single new page all the information about running our older non-Windows simulations with any version of Windows from XP onwards. Unless you are running a very old PC, please check there first before ordering any non-Windows simulation. This page now has a link to instructions for setting up DFend-Reloaded.

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We strongly recommend use of our online order form, and downloading your order will also eliminate postal delays, particularly for overseas customers. You can now specify delivery on CD or by download, or on floppy disk if you can’t accept a CD; we can’t guarantee that floppy disks will continue to be available. The default is now now that we send you an email containing a link from which a zip file can be downloaded. To order click here.