About S.I.A.M. Limited

We began back in 1985 providing consultancy and training in business requirements analysis, database design, project management and related topics, particularly to the banking industry.Our full company name is Structured Information Analysis Methods Limited, but for customers that's a bit of a mouthful, so we're happy to be called anything that's convenient for you. Luckily our bank seems to be understanding so long as what's written is recognisable, but if cheques aren't written out in full the dots should be included, i.e. S.I.A.M. , as it was pointed out to us recently, that there has in the past been a company registered as SIAM Limited, and there could be again in the future,

Our venture into railway simulations began in 1986, during a quiet spell in consultancy work, when we produced our first simulation, Penzance 1984, based on one produced for the BBC Micro by Dave Stannard and Bob Pritchard, then both working at Jodrell Bank observatory.

Our first ventures into steam era simulations were Penzance 1955 and 1932, developed from scratch after a lot of research into the location and its traffic, and these set the pattern for much of our work since then. We are always happy to receive suggestions, particularly if you have already done some of the research, but please remember that our resources are limited and we can't do everything we'd like to.

Some of the simulations in our current range have been developed by former customers, notably Brian Hornsey (Aire Valley 1995, Lincoln 1952, North London Line 1938, Hertford East 1953), Phill Mackay (many, including Newcastle 1994, Norwich 1982, various Drivers and Freight Managers) and Bob Fairbrother (Great North of Scotland Railway, Midland & Great Northern Railway, Highland Railway 1930, SR South West Division). Brian also took the lead in cracking some of the Windows problems as we began to develop Windows simulations.