(Last updated 6 May 2017)

Latest updates: BW53

Problems with the Windows SIAM Menu

When the Birmingham and Liverpool simulations were released, we overlooked the need to update the version of the menu included with the Isle of Wight and North London simulations. This means that if you installed either of those after installing Birmingham, the Birmingham simulation will have disappeared from the menu. Reinstalling the most recently released simulation should correct this.

Running our older DOS-based programs with Windows

We have brought together on a single new page all the information about running our older non-Windows simulations with any version of Windows from XP onwards. Unless you are running a very old PC, please check there first before ordering any non-Windows simulation.

This applies particularly if you are having trouble with graphics or sound with any of our simulations when using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.


If you have a problem with any of our simulations, particularly the new ones, the quickest way to resolve them is to email details to us at Please say if you can accept a replacement as a zipped .exe or .msi file, as that’s the quickest way for us to help you. If possible please attach a saved game position from which we can reproduce the problem; because text files can get corrupted in email transmission, it’s best to zip saved files.


We are providing for downloading from this site corrected versions of some recent simulations. We hope this will particularly help customers who experience difficulties with early versions. The downloads will be zipped files from a password-protected area on this site, and in each case the password is a word from one of the screens of the relevant simulation.

If you don’t have a suitable unzip program such as WinZip or ZipMagic, WinZip can be downloaded from the WinZip web site at or is on most computer magazine cover disks.

To find details of known errors and fixes, click on the simulation program name in the list on the left. To avoid clutter, fixes will be removed from the web site after a year or so.

Problems on fast machines

If you run on anything except a very old machine any of our simulations dated earlier than 27 November 1997, you will find that they fail with a runtime error 200 (or, if they are very old, run at lightning speed!). This is due to a problem in a timing routine within the Borland Pascal library. If you encounter this problem, please ask for free updates. All the sample programs are now available on this site in updated versions to fix this speed problem.