Placing an Order

Before ordering, please check our Home Page and News page for any mention of order delays. There will be times when we are closed, sometimes for several weeks, for holidays, and it is often not possible even to reply to emails or acknowledge orders.

Orders for multiple products

We have a long-standing offer for purchases of 4 or more products in a single order: the least expensive one is free, so you pay for only 3. You do need to say that you are claiming this discount.

Please note that for your convenience and ours, it is our normal practice to supply all programs for one order in a single zip file, or on a single CDROM, or as few 3.5” disks as possible. This simplifies the use of the supplied MENU program. If you want programs supplied on separate disks or files, for example to give as presents, please ask.


In the case of a significant error in any program, a corrected version will be made available free of charge from the Support section of this website as soon as the error has been identified and fixed. To report an error, please email Support giving as much detail as you can, and if possible please attach a saved game from before the error occurred.

Ordering by Post

All prices are inclusive of postage and packing (UK or overseas). Please send payment with order, by sterling cheque payable to S.I.A.M. Ltd.. All orders received by post will be supplied on CDROM unless there is a very clear request for some other medium.

Ordering Online

Our online order form allows you to request delivery on CDROM or 3.5” disk or by downloading a zip file from a link in an email, and for all orders we strongly recommend the latter method, which is the default for online orders.

Before you place an order online, we are required by law to ensure that you understand how the ordering process works. So please note that:

  1. On the Order Form on the next screen, you may edit the contents of any field to correct errors, or if you change your mind, at any time until you click on the Submit Query button. If you need to make any change after that point, please contact us by email at with details of the change.
  2. We do not handle credit or debit card payments directly. Please do NOT include card details with your order.
  3. Once your order has been checked, a payment request will be sent via the PayPal system to the email address you provide on the order form. If this address is missing or invalid, we can do nothing further about your order.
  4. Once you receive the payment request, you make payment through the PayPal system, using any credit or debit card or an existing PayPal account. PayPal then confirm to us that the payment has been made.
  5. Once we have received confirmation of your payment, the order will be processed as quickly as possible, usually the same day.

Please note also that information on the order form must be in English; we regret that we cannot undertake to understand orders in any other language.

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