(Last updated 19 December 2019)

NEW!! Ravenglass Signal Box 1958

See our Windows Products page (click here) for details.This simulation is based on knowledge gained while demonstrating this signal box to visitors to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway; it is now restored and forms part of the Ravenglass Railway Museum.

A sample version of Ravenglass 1958 is now available - to download it click here.

Price reduction

On reflection, it seems that it was a mistake to raise the price of our Windows Signal Box simulations, so with immediate effect Yarnton Junction 1954 reverts to £20. Further, to encourage trainee signallers, Ravenglass 1958 is priced at only £10.

Windows 10

We now have a page giving information on some possible problems with Windows 10 and/or 64-bit systems. Having said that, we have had no reports of such problems for some months now, and it seems likely that updates to Windows 10 have fixed them.

We're sorry we can not give precise instructions for fixing such problems; all the evidence points to them being problems not with the SIAM programs, but with Windows 10, particularly the 64-bit version. In spite of that, all our development and most of our testing has now switched to Windows 10.

Windows simulations

Details of available Windows simulations are on the Windows page of our Products section.

Windows installation files are big, and can generally NOT be supplied on floppy disk. Please also note that North London Line requires a display with a resolution of at least 800x600, and one larger than that is strongly recommended.

Our current plan is that all future simulations will be for Windows only. As far as we can tell, they should run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 and later; they should run on Windows 98SE and Me, though in some cases a couple of Microsoft patches may be needed to support the now standard Windows installer and Help system. They do work on a Windows 10 tablet, though the precision of a touch screen does leave something to be desired. They also run on Linux with Wine!

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