Some possibilities

When I finish a project, after the initial sigh of relief, ideas start rushing into my head for candidates for the next project. Let me take you through some of them, with pros and cons.

Cambrian Line, Aberystwyth to Machynlleth, or possibly further, maybe as far as Welshpool or even Oswestry. This would be somewhat similar to the Waverley Route, though quieter, but maybe more challending with so much single track.

Pro: much data is easily available, including track plans and timetables, and the pattern of operation is well known.

Con: maybe too simple to appeal to customers.

Preston, extending to at least the first junction on each route. This would be big and complex, a long project, on the same lines as Perth but with a bigger station, two sheds and more traffic.

Pro: track plans and timetables are available, and a lot has been published about day to day operations, though we have little personal knowledge of the area. Complex and busy enough to appeal to customers.

Con: perhaps too big to attempt so soon after Perth.

Ravenglass Signal Box, as at closure in 1965. This would be based on Yarnton Junction, but simpler, and might find a role in the Ravenglass Railway Museum. It would be a simple introduction to signalling, probably priced at £10.

Pro: all relevant data is readily available, as is access to the box itself (I acted as volunteer guide there for several days this summer!).

Con: Customers have shown little interest in signal box simulations.

There are other possibilities lurking at the back of my mind, but not yet on the short list:

Birmingham (LMS)

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