Signal Box (DOS)

Send and respond to authentic bell signals, pull the right levers in the right sequence and you can keep the traffic moving. Track diagram, block instruments and lever frame visible on screen. Track plans show signal indications and point positions.

Please note that these DOS versions do not have the feature of recognising bell codes tapped on the mouse or keyboard. Instead, the desired code is chosen from a list.

Price £20 unless shown otherwise.

  • Signal Box: Aller Junction 1955 - You are in charge of this busy signal box just west of Newton Abbot for a shift on a summer Saturday. Definitely not easy! (Difficulty ###)

  • Signal Box: Chesterton Junction 1952 - You are in charge of this busy signal box just north of Cambridge for a shift on a summer weekday. The mixture of passenger and freight traffic includes some terminating at or originating from sidings under your control. Depending on time-keeping, you may need to recess freights in the three loops to allow passenger trains to pass. You also have to keep traffic moving over two level crossings. Definitely not easy! (Difficulty ####)

  • Signal Box: Saltney Junction 1958 - You are in charge of this busy signal box just west of Chester for your chosen shift on a summer weekday. The box controls the junction between the four-track ex-LMS North Wales main line and the ex-GWR line from Paddington via Shrewsbury. There is extensive passenger and freight traffic on both routes, with many freights terminating or originating at Saltney Dee Junction yard, a mile or so down the Shrewsbury line. There are light engine workings between the yard and both Chester sheds, as well as to/from Mold Junction shed; the latter require reversal at Saltney Junction. Occasional trip freights between Saltney Dee Junction and Mold Junction yards can also be reversed in the exchange siding under your control, saving the journey to and from Chester for reversal. Definitely not easy! (Difficulty ####) Price £30

  • Silver Series Signal Box: Illinois Central 51st Street - You are in charge of this interlocking on the Illinois Central electric system in South Chicago for your chosen shift. The box controls the narrowing from six to four tracks, with a "tail track" in which some local trains reverse. As well as a choice of morning or evening rush hour or a quieter midday shift, you can choose the season, and hence the difficulty. For a real challenge, try a morning rush hour in winter, with points freezing! Definitely not easy! (Difficulty ####) Price £30