Traffic Control: Early Diesel/Electric Era (1970-1985) (Windows)

Liverpool Lime Street 1972 - Early post-steam days at this busy terminus on two main routes, with local and long-distance passenger and parcels services. This one has a single track screen, though of the larger size possible with Windows, covering the station and approaches. The track layout is significantly different from 1958, with both fast lines on the south side and the slow lines on the north, which minimises conflicts. Local services are provided by DMU or EMU, sometimes joining or splitting in the platform, and others needing to visit Allerton for fuel. Some engines will need fuel or servicing at Edge Hill, while others will have an outward working within a few hours. At this time stock for many long-distance services was still cleaned at Downhill Sidings, not in the station, so there are empty stock workings, and also a few light engines to and from Edge Hill. Schedules are provided for weekday, Saturday and Sunday; the rush hour is quite a challenge, and probably busier than in steam days! (Difficulty ###) Price £30

 Silver Series: Shrewsbury 1971- Set in the summer of 1971, in this still busy crossroads, with weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules, this covers the whole Shrewsbury area, including the main yards at Coton Hill and smaller ones at Crewe Bank and Coleham. Since electrification there are few long-distance through passenger services except on Saturdays, but there are DMU services every hour or two between Cardiff and Crewe and between Wolverhampton and Chester, and additional stopping services to Wolverhampton. There are also occasional trains on the Central Wales line to Swansea and the former Cambrian line to Aberystwyth. Freight traffic is less than in 1959, but still enough to keep you busy at times. (Difficulty ###) Price £30
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