Traffic Control: Modern Era (1986 onwards) (Windows)

The meaning of "modern" is subjective, of course. We've made an arbitrary split, and the simulations in this section are those set after we began producing simulations. This means that in most cases it was possible to do the necessary research on the spot, and not rely on historic documentation.

Liverpool Lime Street 1998 - A busy terminus on two main routes, with frequent local services and several longer-distance routes. Apart from local services, you can gain bonus points by using the platforms the passengers expect for each Train Operating Company - and to help you, units and engines are displayed in the appropriate TOC colours. (Difficulty ##) Price £20

Liverpool Lime Street 2015 - Track layout identical to the 1998 version (see above), but a rather different pattern of traffic. No Cross-Country service now, but the Birmingham and Trans-Pennine services both run twice an hour for much of the day. On the local side, the Northern Electrics, refurbished class 319 units from ThamesLink, now operate most services on the Huyton line, which is busier than ever. With this intensified service, it is hard at times to find a free platform, and it's easy to see why there is a project to add at least one platform at Lime Street. (Difficulty ###) Price £20