Other UK Simulations (Windows)

Shed Master (price £10)

Manage a maintenance depot, planning work through the depot so that all goes smoothly and motive power is available on schedule for booked workings. A new and different challenge for the Traffic Control experts.

  • Bounds Green - Purpose-built for HST maintenance, the depot has to handle overnight routine servicing and running repairs, and produce usable sets on time to take up their morning workings. Your tour of duty covers four weeknight shifts. (Difficulty ##)
  • Finsbury Park - Before the advent of the HST, and when loco-hauled local passenger and transfer freight workings were still common, the depot is responsible for refuelling, minor servicing and scheduled maintenance of an extensive diesel fleet. (Difficulty #)
  • Old Oak Common - Still busy even in HST times, with major and minor servicing of a large fleet of passenger and freight motive power, as well as refuelling its own and visiting locomotives. (Difficulty #)
  • Stratford - Once the largest steam shed in the country, and still busy in diesel times. Limited storage space complicates your task of servicing and refuelling a large fleet of passenger and freight locomotives. (Difficulty ##)
  • Cardiff Canton - Canton is responsible for much of the South Wales Railfreight traffic, as well as InterCity, Provincial and Departmental duties. An even bigger challenge now sectors insist on the use of their own locos! (Difficulty ##)

Rail Freight (price £10)

Manage freight workings in a major traffic centre, providing suitable motive power for scheduled and extra services and avoiding pathing conflicts. Another variant on the Traffic Control theme, but with some different features

  • Buxton Stone - Control the heavy traffic in this busy quarrying centre, during the transition period when class 25 and class 40 could be seen alongside their expected replacements. (Difficulty #)
  • Cornish China Clay - Manage a fleet of four dedicated class 37s plus visiting Speedlink locos on a mixture of local clay hood workings and Speedlink feeder services. Not nearly as easy as it sounds! (Difficulty ##)