CR53 Updates



2020.07.20 It was possible for a goods train to be stuck at Forden with traffic to unload and nowhere to put it.
If a goods arrival at Oswestry was shunted into a siding that was not empty, on arrival in the siding the goods train disappeared.

A coal wagon had been left blocking the main line at MHC at Machynlleth on Sunday. We don't know how that happened, but blame local vandals after a Saturday night out!

2020.07.04 The help file has been expanded to give a description of location DJH on the Dovey Junction page.
A test has been added to prevent uncoupling at locations on the main line, e.g. MHB and MHC at Machynlleth.

The password for the updated copy of CR53 is the destination of the 1.08 pm departure from Newtown on Saturdays, in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter CR53 (CR in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.