Changes to EX55




It was possible to misroute a departure from Riverside Yard into a siding and be unable to recover.


Some incorrect routes were allowed from the Riverside Yard area.


Another try at fixing the occasional excessive departure penalties. Because of the nature of the correction, this version can NOT continue a game saved with an earlier version.


Prevent excessive penalties when arrivals are late (previous correction was incomplete).


Correct an error that caused unintended penalties when a departure was held waiting for a clear route out of the Exeter area, and amend the Saturday target to be realistic. Also some display improvements.


Correct the error that caused Saturday delays to be unrealistically light.


Correct number of bankers required for 11.30 am St Davids to Central.

The password for the corrected copy of EX55 is the word four lines directly above STV on the St Thomas screen, all in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter EX55 (EX in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.