PH53 Updates



2024.06.24 Prevent program failure if more than 3 60A locos are used as pilots.
2023.10.05 Correct error causing shunting moves to be displayed incorrectly in some circumstances.
A shunt move of stock close to its departure time was apparently accepted, but didn't happen.
2023.09.20 Correct missing bonus for shunting vans/general to EG1.
2020.10.29 Correct rules for use of siding DL3 in Docks to match Help file.
2020.10.05 Prevent up train calling at Stanley Jn failing to do so.
Correct check for too many portions added to a departure.
2020.10.01 Correct a couple of errors affecting the working of the goods train that calls at Luncarty. Also remove incorrectly shown route LCH to LCR
2020.07.15 Prevent the loading rules for the Highland line being applied to all routes (error introduced by the 3rd July update).
2020.07.03 Though the need for a pilot was correctly indicated on the Departures screen and when beginning a move, the intended penalty was not actually enforced.
2019.09.25 Improve checking of space in long platforms during shunting moves.
2019.09.12 Improve handling of freights leaving more than 10 minutes early. If the program thinks this is happening, it now offers a choice.
Correct error when a move is made to/from ELI/ELO and there are more than 2 engines there.
Other minor enhancements and corrections.
2019.08.21 A very small black square appeared half way up the screen, towards the left hand side. This could look like a group of dropped pixels.

The password for the updated copy of PH53 is the destination of the 3.38 pm departure on Saturdays, in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter PH53 (PH in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.