BW53 Updates



2022.03.01 It was possible to shunt an engine to a platform containing a diesel railcar, and that prevented the railcar from becoming ready to depart.
2017.05.06 It was possible to misroute some through trains into Moor Street, and there was no way to recover from this. The checking has been improved, and a reverse move to get out of this situation has been added just in case. Shunting moves have been added at the south end of Tyseley Carriage Sidings to avoid some possible lockup situations.
correction to
On the rare occasions when the SX 0800 excursion from Small Heath to Rhyl ran, it failed to become the 0808 arrival at Snow Hill and the subsequent 0813 departure. And to add insult to injury, on its return when leaving Small Heath at 9p22 it failed to become empty stock, and could not be moved directly to a carriage siding.
2016.04.07 Fix extra from Wrexham to Windsor needing coal.
2016.01.23 Various minor corrections, notably fixing Sundays only Rhyl extra.
2015.12.12 Checking for illegal propelling moves has been improved.
A couple of anomalies in shunting at Snow Hill have been corrected.
An error in the display of a move from TH1 to TFH has been corrected.
The Tyseley South display has been improved to clarify line occupancy at the junctions between TCS and the carriage sidings.
There was confusion about the portions of the 00*05 SO departure from Hockley
2015.12.04 If empty stock for one of the workings via Tyseley station was placed in one of the sidings TX1-6, and left there until close to departure time, it could not be moved out.
The 5.40 pm SX departure to Malvern Wells was wrongly coded as a class B train; it has been corrected to class A.
2015.11.08 A move from BC3 to B12 caused the program to fail.
Due to a technical problem, the previous update lost the WinMenu program. It has now been restored.
2015.10.17 When it ran, the 7p35 empty stock off a southbound relief train was wrongly shown as still a relief, and therefore was held to its scheduled departure time.
The warnings for an impending light engine departure going out of the Birmingham area were given too late.
2015.10.14 It was possible to get a parcels train stuck in Tyseley Sidings.


Move from SD1 to TCR of arriving trip from BSA was not accepted.


Initial release could not reload a saved position.

The password for the updated copy of BW53 is the destination of the 05.05 parcels departure from Snow Hill on weekdays, in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter BW53 (BW in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.