Changes to NL38

Date Change
2020.02.15 When a game was closed part way through, the score was sometimes wrongly calculated, and a wrong rating given.
2019.08.18 Minor corrections and enhancements.
2012.11.19 Various corrections and minor enhancements.
2010.05.19 Some rarely-used routes were not displayed correctly, and some route checking was omitted on the Preston’s Road screen.
2010.04.13 The program did not handle correctly some trains calling at Hackney.
When a pair of light engines reversed in VS, going towards Devons Road, one was lost.
2010.04.07 Various minor errors corrected
Improved explanation of goods traffic at Devons Road / Poplar.

The password for the updated copy of NL38 is the first word in white just below location WA2 on screen 2 (Broad Street), in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter NL38 (NL in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.