NR52 Updates





Correct checking to prevent moving an engine while coaling.


Correct checking of move from CL1 to GD1, and provide alternative route.


Correct routing between GL2 and GD1;
Improve message when a train cannot be moved.


A correction to a situation that could occasionally arise where a 10.33 extra departure appeared in the departures list ahead of a 10.30 departure.


An enhancement that allows a complete departure to be shunted into a siding containing either another complete departure, or freight being loaded.
Several minor enhancements, and a fix for a problem that could apparently cause a departure to be only partly recorded.


Several minor amendments, and one error corrected that could make it impossible to send the cattle extra that leaves Trowse at 08.50.

The password for the updated copy of NR52 is the place name to the left of Beccles at the lower right corner of screen 7, in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter NR52 (NR in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.