Using DFend-Reloaded

Though DFend-Reloaded is a great deal easier to use than DOSBox by itself, some customers have found it a little confusing. The first step, which seems to cause little trouble, is to install DFendR. Following that, the following steps should enable you to add the SIAM Menu program to DFendR quickly and easily.

We assume here that you have unzipped the supplied SIAM files to the folder C:\SIAM\Trains. If not, change references in what follows to where the files can be found.

1 Run D-Fend Reloaded from desktop icon or Start menu.

2 Click on Add to add a new profile

3 Choose Add Manually and choose Add DOSBox Profile.

4 Fill in the Profile form
    Icon: if you wish you can select the icon in the SIAM\Trains folder, but this is not necessary.

    Name: whatever you want to call it, say SIAM

    Program file: click on the icon to the right, which opens Windows Explorer, find
      the folder where you've put the games, and choose Menu.

    Leave the rest blank

5 on the left of the screen, under Hardware, click on Graphics
    Uncheck Start in full screen (unless you want to run in full screen - not recommended)
    Set Video card to svga_s3 (others may work, but this one works for us)
    Set Render to opengl (overlay may also work)
    Change the Window resolution to 1024x768 (or whatever other value you find gives
      you your preferred window size)

6 on the left of the screen, under Hardware, click on CPU
    Set CPU Cycles to Max.

7 Click on OK

8 To run, double click on SIAM (or whatev er name you chose) in the list of profiles.

You can change any of the settings by selecting this profile and clicking on Edit. You may want to experiment with different settings of the Graphics options to find which suits you best; the ones above are what we use.