SH71 Updates



2020.09.30 An arrival from CA due to call at Sutton Bridge could be routed past Sutton Bridge to CU1 or SUB, causing an unrecoverable situation.
2018.11.13 A departure from Shelf Sidings for Coton Hill was not recognised if it move directly from CD4 to CU1. Such a move should not have been allowed.
2018.11.09 The program could give an error while displaying Arrivals. This only happened on the Crewe line, and if the weekdays 9J90 17.08 arrival at Coleham Yard was running.

The password for the updated copy of SH71 is the destination of the 09.55 departure on Sundays, in lower case, i.e. with the initial letter not a capital.

Click here to download the corrected version. You will need to enter SH71 (SH in capitals) as the user name, and the password mentioned above.