Windows problems

Our Windows products normally work correctly on all recent and current versions of Windows, including Windows 10. A small number of customers have experienced difficulties with Windows 10 and/or 64-bit systems. Here are some possible Windows problems that have been known to affect our programs:

1 On a 64-bit system, it is possible for a program to appear to start, but not appear as an active task, and not open its window. This has happened on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. It appears to be caused by a problem with the mechanism for running a 32-bit application on 64-bit Windows.

Sometimes it appears that this is caused by waiting for some other unrelated application; Skype has been reported as an example. If you go into Task Manager (right-click on Task Bar) it shows under processes that BW53 32 bit is running although the game doesn't appear on the screen. However we understand that by delving a little deeper it is possible to discover which is the rogue application and stop it.

2 Given the symptoms described in 1, another possible solution is to go to Settings | Update & Security | For Developers and turn on Developer Mode. It appears that doing this just once may be sufficient to resolve the problem, and thereafter the affected program will run normally and Developer Mode can be turned off.

3 The so-called Smartscreen function in Windows 10 may warn against installing a program it doesn't recognise. The way to get past this is not always obvious, but look for an option to continue, or obtain more information.