Samples (DOS)

We offer a number of fully-playable demos to give you a feel for the style and quality of our simulations. These are quite usable in their own right, but have a shorter running period or distance or quieter schedule than the full versions.

System requirements: All our simulations will run on almost any PC. To run them with versions of Windows from Vista onwards you will need software to create a DOS environment. For more details please see our Read Me First page. We strongly recommend that if you are thinking of buying one of our DOS simulations for the first time, you first prove to your own satisfaction that you can run these samples.

A description of each sample follows. To download each one directly with your Web browser, just click on "Download". These are .ZIP files; your system may recognise them directly, but if not you should let the browser store them on your disk for later unzipping with PKUNZIP, WINZIP or an equivalent. Each .ZIP file contains the program nnnn.exe, a text instructions file nnnn.txt, and a PDF file nnnn.pdf containing a formatted copy of the instructions that in some cases includes a map or diagram.

Highland Line 1984 - Features the line from Perth to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. This is largely single track with passing loops, and your task is to keep the trains running as close to schedule as possible. Download

Crewe 1986 - Control traffic through this busy junction for an afternoon. You have to handle the electrified main line from London Euston to Liverpool, Manchester, the north and Scotland, as well as branches to Shrewsbury, Stoke and the North Wales line to Chester and Holyhead. Some changing of engines may be required. Download

Penzance 1987 - One of our first, and still a favourite, this features the small terminus at Penzance in Cornwall, again on a Saturday in summer. Long-distance trains are a mixture of loco-hauled and Inter-City 125, and some arriving locos may need refuelling or servicing before re-use. Download

Paddington 1986 - Handle traffic in and out of Paddington, the former Great Western Railway's London terminus, on a busy Saturday afternoon in the summer holiday season. Many trains are operated by the Inter-City 125 express diesel units, but some are loco-hauled, and for these you will have to choose the correct type of loco from those available. Download

Driver: Kings Cross - Peterborough - Not a "cab view" driving simulation, but well worth a try. You have a view of the route from above showing the position of your train, with a gradient profile below. Gauges show the power and braking forces in effect, and other control information is provided. A window shows the next signal, if it would be visible, and any other signs such as speed restrictions. Download

Tehachapi 1965 - Typical of our American simulations, this covers a twelve hour period on the line from Bakersfield over Tehachapi to Mojave and Palmdale before the SP's Palmdale Cutoff was built. Download

Hunstanton 1952 - This represents the small branch line terminus at Hunstanton in steam days. You control the traffic on a quiet Sunday, just one of the four schedules available in the full product. Download

Signal Box: Yarnton 1954 - This allows you to operate the manual signal box at Yarnton Junction, just north of Oxford. You control the traffic on a short lunchtime shift, 11 am to 2 pm. The full product offers you a choice of one of three eight-hour shifts, or a marathon shift covering the complete 24 hours' operation. Download

Menu and instructions - We also supply a menu program to make the use of these simulations more convenient, and a set of general instructions that apply to all the programs. Download