DOS Products

For all our simulations under this heading, we recommend the use of software such as DOSBox that provides full DOS applications support. Please try one of our free samples first to be sure you are happy with the results on your PC.

Based on extensive research, these games give the genuine flavour of the problems and challenges of running a railway. Authentic track plans, motive power and schedules for the location and period are used, in some cases with additional workings to add interest. To avoid any possible disappointment, please note that these are not "arcade" games, but realistic simulations. Graphic screen modes are not used in most cases, and the emphasis is on providing you with sufficient information to make the right decisions.

We do not expect to produce any more DOS-based simulations, but have no plans to withdraw any of those that are currently available, except when they are replaced by a Windows equivalent.


Unless otherwise stated, all simulations have mouse support.

Difficulty levels - An indication of the difficulty of each game is provided, graded from # to ###### in increasing order of difficulty.

These ratings are of course subjective, but we hope they will be helpful. In general, we do not recommend games marked ### or higher until you have tried something simpler first, but of course the choice is yours.